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Happy New Year

I wish all my contacts, friends and family and their beloved ones A year filled with promises, happiness and achievements, Happy New Year


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Inspiration 1Inspiration,  when I feel inspired, I am moved, touched and ignited. I feel something shift inside me. Something is stirred. Awakened.

I would define Inspiration as follow

Creativity: Inspiration feeds the creative pulse. It begins the bubbling up of new ideas. The creative inner spark is ignited and excitement takes over to an level of unknown abilities of the human kind.

Stimulation: Inspiration is a state of stimulation. Stimulation of your mind, your emotions and very often your whole body. It is an internal state that flows outwards as well as inward and often calls you to action.

New Ideas: They are moments of inspiration where new ideas are birthed. It is where your heart and mind unite. The inner feeling triggers a chain of new ideas. You see yourself in a new way. You see what is possible. You discover something different or unique.

Inspiration 3Beauty: Inspiration carries with a sense of beauty. I am deeply inspired by beauty. A beautiful sunset, a beautiful piece of music, a beautiful person. Seeing the beauty in something connects you with it’s essence. Seeing the beauty in someone else inspires us to connect with the beauty in ourselves.

Spirit: Inspiring to let  your soul smiling to the world and the world reacting upon your positive spirit and energy, caring the way that even strangers can pick up the positive energy. Using it wisely will make a difference in your life and the people you touch.

I would say that feeling inspired, is just a great state of mind to be able to share with those in need of Inspiration to create a better happier world.

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Following Your Instinct.

Instinct Painting - Instinct Fine Art Print - Hiroko Sakai

Instinct Painting – Instinct Fine Art Print – Hiroko Sakai

You may be out running errands and you believe you should take a different route home… Is something telling you to take another route home instead of the normal way? Even if you don’t see any tangible construction or danger ahead, sometimes it’s good to follow your instinct.

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Peaceful State of Mind,

 peaceful state of mindWe are at our most powerful and productive when we are in a peaceful state of mind, so it is important for us to restore balance as soon as we feel ourselves falling out of control.

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look deeper within yourselfIf you are unsure then you need to look deeper within yourself to seek honesty and truth.

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LoveNeedWhether in business, friendship or love, it will be important to get into relationships slowly enough to note and react to each piece of learning along the way.

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Loving or Needing


Don’t confuse loving someone with needing them. Need is based on insecurity and dependency. When you need someone, you believe you can’t live without them. When you love someone, you can be happy alone and you can continue to love them even after you are no longer romantic partners.

“Emotions unite us, beliefs divide us”.

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