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The excitement of pursuing something sometimes exceeds the thrill of attaining it. Somewhere in our world, we’re required to invest effort toward improving an undesirable situation. Going through the motions of ‘fixing’ it than actually ‘fixing’ it. So actually ‘fixed’ it will be more exhilarating than the ‘fixing’ process!

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Enable The Strength

Learning to know yourself well and to speak in a compelling way about who you are, will help your presence.

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I found the following text heart warming and I apologize that I don’t know who the author is, where she lives, but I do know she deserves to find her well earned loved one. Noting is edited in this text and yes it’s real.  I find it amazing she only looks for 3 things from her loved one.  Personally, Iwould love to meet the author of the following text;

Unknow female writes;

I hope that he is nice, well-educated, easy going, humorous, reliable, caring, considerable, responsible, intelligent, not too picky, not too complicated, bright mindset and believe that true love is there in the world.

What I need from my loved one is just 3 things:

1. Be able to share the love coming from the deepest of my heart
2. Half of his bed
3. Half his closet
That is all.

I have a vision I have been expecting: when I see him, I would be moved to tear down besides happiness, and thanks to God who arranges such wonderful man to me. When he tells me his sadness, I would feel pain at heart and desire to embrace him on my shoulder. When he tells his happiness, I would be looking at him affectionately sharing with him. I would be feeling lonely without his companion.

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Helping Others

“Knowing we were able to help others is so important, that you really don’t need much else”

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As the journey can be long and the roads not always smooth, it is those who don’t give up who deserve the well earned success.

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Real love has its deep roots in considered sensitive people who respect each other in sharing laughter and tears and create strong feelings that represents affection toward someone dear to your heart.

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Embrace the change others resist. Move unafraid,  forward and walk with your head straight up.  Some people will look up and get inspired while others will feel threatened.  Be sure it’s your strength and open mind that make the difference.

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