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GrowingTree A growing tree is a lot like a growing business, it periodically needs an examination to determine if there are dead branches intertwined with the growing ones. We have employees that are dead in their jobs and attitudes, not growing. They are very often friends with those who are growing and restricting their growth by what they say, do and avoid doing. So as painful and hard as it is, every now and then we need to cut away the people who are restricting the growth of the company. It is hard because we care about those people and because of the friendships that will also be strained, if not severed too.

According to experts, pruning a tree is necessary to promote growth, improve the amount of air and sunlight to the healthy branches and to prevent insect and disease. The same is true with our businesses. Those who are carrying the workload of the nonperforming employees end up feeling used and it is possible to lose them before you trim the dead wood, compounding your problem. So take a look around your company. Is there dead wood that needs to be pruned? Even considering trying bringing a dead braches to life is noble, but not worth the effort it is just better to let it go.

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If I would have knownEverybody knows the saying ‘If only I knew then what I know now.’ We say this often and in the future, we’ll look back at the present and say the same thing. With hindsight, we can identify how we might have changed something or done something
but we know we cannot change the past. Bear this in mind now as you focus intently on something from the past that really is best left there.

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